Why hasn’t signage lost its importance even in this digital era?
January 20, 2020

If you thought that the rise of digital marketing is going to undermine the relevance and use of signage, then you were wrong. In fact, after the advent and success of digital marketing, signage has undergone a massive makeover, paving paths for increased revenue with local advertising. 

Numerous businesses swear by signage which helped them drive up traffic and sales in the stores. If you are wondering what’s the secret for its success, read on.

Easier Visibility 

Business signs in Adelaide, when located at a heavy-traffic space, can efficiently make your clients aware

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Out-of-the-ordinary signage trends to look out for driving sales
January 20, 2020

Signage has been an essential part of thriving marketing strategies for decades now. Even with the digital platforms taking over the wheel, signage hasn’t taken a back seat yet. 

It’s interesting to note that with the changing times, signage is evolving and adapting newer trends to compete well in the race. Having said that, it’s time to look at a list of signage trends that will take over the market in 2020. 

Touch screen integration

With the elaborative technology taking charge in every sphere, leaving out signage didn’t seem like an advisable option.

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Extra large 3D Illuminated sign – What better way to show case your brand!
July 13, 2018

What better way to show case your brand than with an extra large 3D illuminated sign.

Leading Financial and Information Technology Company EightCap – recently moved into their newly fitted out offices in Collins Street Melbourne.

A component of their branding is the number 8 and we got to display this impressively large 3D Illuminated sign front and centre on their reception wall.

PB Visual Communications has extensive experience in producing ‘one off”  unique signage to suit our clients individual needs.

EightCap engaged PB Visual to manufacture and install the 1800mm high number 8,

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  • back-lit illuminated sign
  • Completed Sign
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 1
Contemporary 3D illuminated sign using old and new materials
July 5, 2018

This contemporary 3D illuminated sign using old and new materials stands out for all the right reasons.   It has been designed to beautifully  compliment our clients building with its subtle LED lighting,  highlighting the use of raw and modern materials that are clearly seen night and day.

West Beach Community Church engaged PB Visual Communications to design and manufacture a sign that would compliment their new church building by using a combination of raw materials and the most current cladding materials.

We sourced used 18mm thick jarrah timber from a re-cycling yard

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A delicate 3D logo sign adds life to a tiled wall
May 18, 2018

We recently installed a delicate 3D logo sign for a new Sydney Cafe, The Eatery & Co.

The intricate laser cut acrylic logo sign was made from 10mm thick solid black acrylic, each leaf individually cut and applied to the tiled wall.    This  added a new dimension to the wall and a creative way to draw attention to the Cafe’s sign.

At PB Visual Communications no job is too difficult Contact us today or call 1300 441 571 with you signage requirements.


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Check out our latest signage installation
April 6, 2018

Our latest signage installation from PB Visual Communications is sure to impress!

We were recently given the opportunity to manufacture and install signage for the new Cellarbrations store at Castle Plaza, Edwardstown.

While working to a tight schedule we were able to work closely with other trades and centre management to achieve a stand out installation.

The 3d signage elements are particularly impressive.   The Cellarbrations individual letters were custom made to 32mm thickness and internally illuminated by LED lighting.  This ensured the best result for even illumination and the correct amount of  brightness

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We have a creative signage solution for any budget
February 23, 2018

When  looking for a creative signage solution and your budget is limited,  look no further.

At PB Visual Communications we are willing to work with our clients to come up with creative and innovative signage solutions.

Our customer’s brief was to transform their busy Adelaide supermarket’s existing coffee counter from a white solid surface to a more ‘organic’ customer friendly point of purchase.

Creating a new flexible physical environment in an existing retail space can be a challenge on a limited budget, and we were able to create a low cost solution for

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Clean New Look for Adelaide Hills Supermarket Group
January 29, 2018

Klose’s Foodland group based in the Adelaide Hills has four thriving supermarkets in Woodside, Littlehampton, Balhannah and Lobethal that all required new supermarket signs as a key part of their new look. 

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Specialised Process Delivers A Unique Facade
January 5, 2018

PB Visual Communications applied years of experience and skill in supplying a unique building façade concept for leading Melbourne building development company, Cobild.

The creative graphic images were directly printed onto 3mm thick perforated aluminium panels to create an eye-catching element that will retain it’s look over time at The Legacy Apartments, Nicholson Street Footscray.

PB Visual Communications delivered this project through the following process:

· Apply a powder-coated base to both sides of the perforated panels

· Digitally print the

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A New Look in a New Location for Aquaculture Leaders
November 2, 2017

When moving into an established building it’s important to make it your own and project your brand from the get-go.

Yumbah Aquaculture cultivate abalone at farms around Australia and recently migrated processing to a central facility in Wingfield.

PB Visual were given the task of refreshing a long-vacant building and enhancing Yumbah’s brand and visibility. This project incorporated a range of techniques and design elements.

A consistent brand flows from the street and into the reception area with matching signage and colors.

The existing street sign was refreshed with a

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Roadside Impact for a Major Adelaide Brand
October 20, 2017

PB Visual Communications recently designed and manufactured a new branding statement for VIP’s head office facing the main road from Adelaide Airport.

This 3D sign is sure to have a major impact as it is installed on a concrete structure in the garden bed facing the traffic lights. The dark green base of the sign and the light green flower elements are made from 50mm thick solid acrylic painted using 2 pack automotive paints with a clear coating. The white (V.I.P.) letters are laser cut 10mm thick, rebated into the 50mm

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Retail Signs: Five Common Mistakes Made By Inexperienced Sign Writers
September 28, 2017

Retail signs need clear and concise communication to draw customers in and encourage sales.

It’s critical to balance having the right message, directing people to the right areas of the shop and maintaining brand consistency.

PB Visual Communications have compiled a list of five of the most common mistakes designers make:

1. TOO MUCH INFORMATION or ‘clutter’ – Shoppers need to be able to digest a message within seconds so any signage must be clear and concise. Great retail signs will grab attention and encourage action

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