3D Signage

3D Signs, LED Signs and Backlit Signage

3D signs are one of the most effective and versatile signage types around, and can be used to create eye-catching visuals in a variety of media.

At PB Visual Communications, we specialise in creating a wide variety of 3D signage for display in all types of locations. This includes 3D LED signs, 3D illuminated signs and 3D backlit signs using letters and logos fabricated from a variety of materials such as acrylic, metal, plastic, wood, glass and stone — in fact, our stunning 3D signage can be designed to create any type of look or style you are aiming for.

We offer a personalised sign design, fabrication and installation service, and with offices in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, our work is available across Australia and New Zealand.

3D Illuminated Signs

Our 3D illuminated signs are ideal for display both indoors and outdoors, as the versatility of lightbox signage means it can be mounted on any type of surface.

Eye catching as building signs on the exterior of your office, supermarket or business park, or equally effective as office reception signage, supermarket displays and in food courts, 3D illuminated signage always stands out.

We design and install both one-sided and double-sided 3D lettering signage, and can custom design signs in any shape and using a variety of different lighting options.

3D LED Signs

Advanced LED technology means that 3D LED signs are a cost effective way of producing illuminated signage that can create a wide variety of visual effects for use in all types of signs.

Our 3D LED backlit signs can be displayed in many different types of setting and can be designed to incorporate your company logo and branding in an eye-catching style. We can incorporate 3D fabricated letters from materials such as acrylic, aluminium and glass, while the shape and background of signs can be customised and manufactured from materials so that they blend in effectively with the display environment.

3D Lettering Signage

The flexibility of 3D lettering signage means that it is ideal for a range of illuminated sign design styles.

3D letters can be produced from a range of materials, such as acrylic, aluminium, brass, timber and stone, and mounted on virtually any sort of background. They can also be lit in a variety of ways, including as 3D backlit signage where the letters and logo are positioned away from the surface so that the light shines from behind.

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