Car Wraps Adelaide Businesses Use for Advertising 24/7

Car Wraps Adelaide Businesses Use for Advertising 24/7

We have designed and installed a wide variety of vehicle graphics and car wraps Adelaide businesses use to showcase their name and logo wherever they are — 24 hours a day.

This makes car signage one of the most cost effective forms of business advertising around, as it never sleeps and can help you to get your name in front of large numbers of people who you might not otherwise reach.

PB Visual Bus Signs and Car Wraps Adelaide

The kind of car wraps Adelaide businesses use

Vehicle graphics and car signs can come in a variety of forms, and we can design and install car wraps specifically ti suit the dimensions of your vehicle and the available space. 

The design for your car wrap is digitally printed on to adhesive vinyl, and this can either be used to cover either part of the body or the entire vehicle. This can also include the windows, but without impacting on your visibility, as tiny perforations made in the wrap enable you to see through the back or side windows clearly, even when they are covered by a wrap.

This form of vehicle signage has a number of benefits. For instance, the printing process means that the colours and images are long lasting and won’t fade as a result of being exposed to sunlight or other weather conditions, as we use state-of-the-art technology to print and laminate our vehicle wraps.

We are also specialists in installing car wraps and are very experienced in ensuring that vehicle graphics are applied to the highest standards with no wrinkles or creases so that they have maximum clarity and visibility.

It is also to update a car wrap with a new version, or to remove it completely, with no damage being done to the underlying paint work of the vehicle.

PB Visual Vehicle Graphics and Car Wraps Adelaide

Highly personalised vehicle graphics

Car wraps can either partially or fully covering your car in your company livery (including the logo, strap line and brand colours) so that your name becomes instantly recognisable all over the streets of Adelaide.

Our team of specialist designers will work with you to create eye catching wrap advertising designs that effectively utilising your branding, while at the same time making the most of the available space you have on your car, truck, ute, van, bus, SUV or any other vehicle.

Car signs are also a way of helping more people to find your phone number, website or email address, and these can be incorporated into the design of your vehicle wrap with as much prominence as you require.

PB Visual Bus Graphics and Car Wraps Adelaide

Vehicle and car wrap design specialists

If your business doesn’t currently have a logo, or you are considering a revamp or refresh of your branding, our specialist Adelaide sign designers are here to help. We will work with you to create images, logos and brand colours for you either from scratch, or can help you to develop your existing ideas.

We have significant experience in this highly specialised field, and have helped numberer businesses in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and further afield to create highly beffectivrq branding that can be across all media and in a wide variety of applications.

We design and install car wraps Adelaide wide

If you want to turn your car, van, truck. ute or bus into a promotional tool, we can design and install unique vehicle graphics and car wraps, including partial car wraps and full vehicle wraps.

Call us on 1300 441 571 or email us on to talk to us about car signage, van graphics, truck signs and more.