Company & Building Signage

The building you operate your business from is often the first contact your customer has with your organisation.

Perception is reality!

Opinions form quickly!

Poor signage and building presentation pushes customers away and instantly creatives negative perceptions.

Good quality building signage which presents a true reflection and personality of your business not only increases sales and awareness but also adds goodwill.

Strong building advertising positively promotes your business 24 hours a day – 7 days a week

From building painting, to 3d internally illuminated or non-illuminated signage to wall and window graphic along with customised creative options using a variety of materials – allow PB Visual Communications to provide the right solution for your buildings branding.

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Building and Shop Signage in Melbourne That Puts Your Business on the Map

Starting a business can come with anxiety and excitement. It probably took you years to launch the product or service that you hope others will find valuable. Accordingly, with the months and years of effort put into your pride and joy, you need to represent it in the best way. You can’t afford to skimp on signage.

Choosing building signage in Melbourne can be tricky. There are many options out there and though the results may be okay, only time will tell if that excellent new wall graphic will stay intact and look just as stunning as the day it was installed. Not only do you want to find signage that looks stunning and showcases your business in the right light, you want one that will stay in one piece and look excellent for years to come. At PB Visual Communications, you won’t have to worry about that.

We’re a commercial signage and design company with over 20 years of experience in corporate visual communication. We know that no matter how exceptional your business is when you’re starting out, the only way for people to discover you is through advertising. We’re about developing signage that commands attention and is fresh and unique. We aim to create designs that make your brand memorable in a positive way.

Shop Signage in Melbourne That Matches the Quality of Your Brand

Your brand is worth the investment. Your product or service is of high quality, worth people’s time and hard earned money. Therefore, it doesn’t serve a purpose to skimp on signage that will give people the wrong impression and walk the other way.

We incorporate excellence into everything we do. We assist you from design to creation, delving into your brand, what it means, and what you want it to deliver. Whether you have something in mind or not, we can discuss the type of signage we believe will represent it perfectly.

The results will be lasting and sure to exceed your expectations. Utilising the latest technology, you’ll be ahead of the competition having signage that blends with your aesthetic and environment.

View Our Work of Shop Signage Benefiting Many Businesses in Australia

Many businesses, new and established, are thriving in part, because of our eye-catching signs. View our portfolio to see the large selection of designs we’ve produced. You’ll notice that the sky’s the limit when it comes to what we do.

Some of our services include building paintings, 3D illuminated and non-illuminated signs, printed banner skins and off-wall signs. Hence if you’re looking for a wall graphic in Melbourne, we do that too. We work with virtually every material possible from wood and stone to metals and plastics.

If you have questions about signage, don’t forget to submit it to Signage Sam. Just send your question online, and he’ll get back to you with an answer. Also, see the other questions that have been addressed.

Contact us today to get your brand moving with building signage that commands attention. You’ll be a household name before you know it.