Light It Up! Illuminated Signs Adelaide

Light It Up! Illuminated Signs Adelaide

Illuminated signs continue to be one of the most popular and effective forms of sign we design and manufacture for Adelaide retailers, service providers, healthcare practices and other organisations. 

There are a number of standout reasons as to why it is illuminated signs Adelaide businesses so often come to us for. There is, of course, the visual impact, especially in a crowded urban environment where your sign is competing for space and eyeballs with a multitude of others. Illuminated signs also work on your behalf 24/7, as they often look their best when the sun goes down and they can really shine.

Versatility is also key as to why illuminated signage is so widely used in Adelaide. We design illuminated signs specifically for display outdoors on pylon signs, as building signs, and as light box and awning signs, and they are highly durable made to withstand the weather and other challenging conditions. 

However, we also make and install illuminated signs for indoor use as well, particularly as office reception signs, for lobby displays, in retail spaces, as well as in food courts, cafes and restaurants.

Just as our illuminated signs can be displayed in a range of different ways, we can also produce them in a variety of styles and media, depending on the location and purpose of your signs. Our specialist in-house sign design team can advise you as to what sort of sign illuminations will work best for you.

Read more below about the wide range of illuminated signs Adelaide businesses and organisations come to PB Visual Communications to design, manufacture and install.

We design illuminated signs Adelaide businesses need

Neon signs 

We have been in the vanguard of the neon signs Adelaide revival in recent years, and so have created designed a range of signage using both traditional glass tube neon sign and contemporary LED neon sign technology.

Our neon signs look great in a range of different contexts and locations, and we have created them for a variety of different businesses and organisations, both indoors and out. Our custom neon signs can feature your logo or other images, and come in a range of colours.

In addition to business signage, we also create neon signs Adelaide party organisers can use as decorate features at weddings and other functions. 

Neon Signs Illuminated Signs Adelaide
Neon Sign Illuminated Signs Adelaide
Neon Illuminated Signs Adelaide

Backlit signs

Our designers create backlit signs Adelaide businesses and organisations display in a variety of settings and locations, both inside and outdoors.

Backlit signs are designed to be illuminated either from within or behind, rather through external lights being shine onto them, and this means they will appear lit during both daylight hours and at night, ensuring that your signage can always be seen. Our range includes lightbox signs, push through letter signs, face illuminated signs and halo backlit signs.

Design Backlit Illuminated Signs Adelaide
Backlit Illuminated Signs Adelaide

LED Signs

LED signs are made from thousands of LED bulbs that are configured so that they display text, images, video and more. LED bulbs come in two forms — dual inline package (DIP) bulbs that are either red, green or blue, or surface mount diodes (SMD bulbs) that contain all three colours. Unlike conventional bulbs, LED bulbs do not have a filament, meaning they last longer and are more energy efficient.

A LED backlit sign can be designed to display virtually anything in high res, including your company logo, videos words, images and more. In addition, changing the display of an LED sign is quick and straightforward, giving you great flexibility as to what your signage displays. At the same time, little or no maintenance is required and they can be displayed in any location.

Install LED Illuminated Signs Adelaide
Design LED Illuminated Signs Adelaide
LED Illuminated Signs Adelaide
Lightbox signs

Lightbox signs are illuminated from within and can be single or double sided. They are capable of being mounted and displayed in a variety of different ways, such as under awnings, on a building fascia, or on a wall (either inside or outside).

We generally manufacture lightbox signs from acrylic, which is a strong and durable alternative to glass. Our team designs light box signs in a range of styles so that they feature raised 3D letters, push through letters, or printed lettering and graphics. This means they are suitable for both classic and contemporary style signage.

Lightbox Illuminated Signs Adelaide
Light Box Illuminated Signs Adelaide
Lightbox Illuminated Signs Adelaide

The range of illuminated signs Adelaide businesses can install

Illuminated signs are ideal for creating indoor signage, such as in your office reception, lobby or foyer, in retail spaces, in showrooms, and more. 

3D backlit signs are especially effective in this sort of setting, and can be designed in almost any sort of configuration. In addition, illuminated LED backlit signs don’t impact negatively on energy costs and provide long operating life.

Illuminated signage is also widely used in outdoor applications, including on the fascia of buildings, as freestanding signs, outdoor lightbox signs, or under awnings on shops, restaurants or other premies with a street front. 

If you want to find out more about the full range of signage our specialist sign designers can design, manufacture and install, get in touch with PB Visual Communication at our Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney offices.

Email us, or call 1300 441 571 and we will be happy to talk you through the wide range of illuminated signs we can create for your business or organisation.