Adelaide Neon Sign Renaissance

Adelaide Neon Sign Renaissance

Signage design, like everything else to do with marketing and advertising, changes with the times. As particular fads and fashions fade, others come to take their place, only to be replaced themselves in time.

In recent years, what has been particularly fascinating to observe in the world of sign making has been the rebirth of the neon sign.

Neon signage has had a long and distinguished history in Australia, with two of the most iconic signs in the country being early examples of neon advertising signage — the Coca Cola sign at Kings Cross in Sydney, and the Skipping Girl sign in Melbourne. These much-loved images and others like them are one of the reasons why neon signs are the first thing that springs to mind when people think of advertising signage.

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Why are neon signs so popular?

Neon signs have had such a resurgence in popularity partly on the back of the small bar and retro eatery boom in Adelaide. As a new generation of entrepreneurs have (literally) set up shop, they have brought many vintage design styles back to life, a trend which is also reflected in the popularity of retro style business logos and branding.

At the same time, there is also a timelessness about neon signs that has meant they have been always been associated in people’s mind with a sense of glamour and excitement. Think of Las Vegas, Times Square or Piccadilly Circus — these iconic neon advertising signs are indelibly etched in people’s minds all around the world.

Given the growing popularity of retro and vintage design styles, plus the way neon signs have become an integral part of the urban landscape, it’s no surprise that these continue to be one of the most popular forms of signage that we produce.

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How we design and manufacture neon signs

As Adelaide sign makers with more than twenty-five years’ experience in the industry, we have expertise in producing custom neon signs using both the traditional glass tube method as well as the more contemporary LED neon sign manufacturing process.

Our custom made neon signs are suitable for display both inside and out and can be seen across Adelaide in a variety of locations and promoting a range of businesses. We can produce signs of any size, and recreate your logo and brand colours to give all of your signage a consistent, unified look. If you already have an idea or concept in mind, we can design neon signs to your unique specifications, or alternatively our designers can create sign designs for you from scratch.

We can also give you expert advice on where to locate your custom made neon signage for the maximum impact, as well as create signs that produce different effects at different times of the day.

Traditional neon signs

We produce a range of neon signs made in the traditional way using glass neon tubes, and these create a classic, timeless look that is so much in demand today.

As neon signs made from glass tend and to glow more brightly than the LED version, they are the ideal solution for outdoor advertising where they need to grab attention quickly. Our custom neon signs are therefore designed for maximum impact, while at the same time offering a touch of style and sophistication that has appeal for a broad range of business types.

Our expertise in designing and manufacturing custom neon signs means that we can advise you on the optimum location for your signage in order to make upkeep easier, and can also provide a maintenance service that ensures you get as long an operating life from your signs as possible.

LED neon signs

Our range also includes LED neon signs, which are a cost-effective way of creating an eye-catching, customised neon effect. Ideally suited for indoor display, LED neon signs can be designed in a range of font styles and colours, and be mounted on different types of background material so that a huge variety of visual effects can be achieved.

LED neon signs also tend to be more durable than glass neon signs and are easier to keep clean and maintain, while also being very energy efficient which helps to keep operating costs to a minimum.

As it can be relatively inexpensive to create personalised LED neon signs, they are not limited to business or commercial applications. Neon signs are popular for use as decorative features at parties, weddings and other functions, and the range of colours and styles available means they are a very versatile form of signage that looks great in any sort of space or environment.

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Adelaide neon signs specialists

PB Visual Communications are specialists in designing customised neon signs, and we have produced an extensive range of both traditional and LED neon signage for businesses and organisations across Australia.

Get in touch with us at our Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney offices and speak to our team about the sort of neon signage that would work best for you. Email us or call 1300 441 571 and we will be happy to talk you through our range of neon sign design solutions.

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