Backlit Signs Meet All Your Business Signage Needs

Backlit Signs Meet All Your Business Signage Needs

Backlit signs can be designed to meet a huge variety of signage needs. Flexible, cost-effective and eye catching, backlit signs are ideal for display both indoors and outside, and can be used in a range of different ways to promote your business and showcase your location.

At PB Visual Communication, we specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of backlit signs of all sizes and for a wide range of applications. Talk to our specialist Adelaide signage design team about the potential and possibilities when you are considering backlit and illuminated signs.

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The benefits of backlit signs

Backlit signage is illuminated either from behind or from within, rather than through external lights or spotlights being shone upon the letters or image. 

One of the most obvious benefits of backlit signs is that they stand out in crowded city advertising spaces. When it can be difficult to grab the attention of passers by (on foot or in their cars), LED and other forms of illuminated signs can be a crucial strategy to getting noticed and seen, as lettering can be read and images clearly seen in all environments and weather conditions. 

This is the case both day and night. While backlit signage might be more noticeable in darkness,  it is just as effective during daylight hours, meaning you are getting value for money from your office signs and building signs as they are working for you 24 hours a day

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Backlit signs are our speciality

Illuminated signage can be used by all types of businesses and organisations. We design light box signage and other forms of sign lighting in virtually any style, incorporating your logo, brand colours, images or any other features you need to make your signage stand out, and they are equally effective both outdoors and in indoor settings. 

We have designed and installed 3D illuminated signage in a huge variety of different locations, including: retail spaces; supermarkets; shopping centres; restaurants and bars; coffee shops and cafés; offices; hotels; schools, universities and colleges; trade shows; conference centres; and many more. 

As Adelaide business sign specialists, we can design a LED sign or box light sign in any configuration so that you are able to convey your messages in the most effective and appropriate way possible. This includes lightbox signs, push through letter signs, face illuminated signs and halo backlit signs.

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Flexibility for your backlit signs and designs

We create illuminated signage using a range of different materials and media, depending on the location and application. Therefore, no matter the sort of signage idea you have in mind, our Adelaide sign makers can produce designs that are both practical and help to showcase your brand or premises.

For instance, acrylic signs are especially effective when backlit, as are letters and images cut from a range of other materials such as metal, wood, glass, so your signage can be created in a media that suits the setting and the sign design. 

The fact that a range of different materials can be used in their manufacture means that 3D light signs and other forms of business sign lighting are highly durable, require little maintenance, and are long lasting, giving you value for money. 

Talk to our building sign design experts about the variety of options open to you, and the many benefits of backlit signage.

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