Why Acrylic Signage Offers So Much to Your Business

Why Acrylic Signage Offers So Much to Your Business

Acrylic signs are one of the most versatile and durable forms of signage we produce. Suitable for display both indoors and outside, acrylic signage can be used for showcasing and promoting your business in a wide variety of ways.

Whether you are aiming for a cutting edge, contemporary style, or a more stylish, sophisticated look, acrylic signs will help you create the branding and image you are after.

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What are acrylic signs?

Acrylic is a plastic, cast polymer material with a glossy finish that widely used in signage design, as it is tough, can be used in a wide variety of applications, and serves as a highly effective alternative to glass. Transparent and smooth, acrylic sign letters can be illuminated or backlit, designed in virtually any colour, and can be customised to meet your specific needs.

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Benefits of custom made acrylic signs

Although it shares many of the qualities of glass, acrylic is more lightweight and easier to work with and install. It is also very long-lasting and so is a more cost-effective alternative to glass and other materials.

Acrylic is also extremely durable and strong enough to withstand all types of weather conditions, while the UV ink used in acrylic sign printing not only produces perfect colour matches, but it also prevents the colours and design fading, even when exposed to excessive sunlight.

In addition, acrylic is Ideal for large format printing and so there are no limits when it comes to the design of custom printed acrylic signs. Regardless of the size, shape or structure of your signage, acrylic can be used to create effective and eye catching signs, with the added advantage of being able to be installed in virtually any location, increasing visibility.

At PB Visual Communications, we have the printing equipment and cutting machinery to produce acrylic signboards in any dimensions.

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Versatility is the key to acrylic signage, and we design, manufacture and install signage in an array of styles which can used for a multitude of purposes.

For instance, acrylic sign letters and logos can be cut to a variety of thicknesses and in any sort of shape, and this produces different degrees of 3D effect. This is especially effective in settings such as in office reception areas, sales rooms, retail spaces, or wherever you need crisp images and designs that stand out against background colours and images.

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3D acrylic sign panels

Acrylic is also the material that is generally used to produce the panels used in light box signs, which are illuminated from within and can be displayed both indoors and out. This type of sign will generally feature printed lettering and graphics, and enables colours to display to their full effect.

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Adelaide Acrylic Sign Design Specialists

PB Visual Communications specialises in design, manufacturing all forms of acrylic signs, including laser cut acrylic signs, acrylic neon signs and backlit acrylic letters.

Contact PB Visual Communications on 1300 441 571, email us on enquiries@pbvisual.com.au, or complete the online enquiry form to find out more about our full range of custom printed acrylic signs and acrylic business signs.