The Benefits of Using Flatbed Digital Printing to Create Business Signs

The Benefits of Using Flatbed Digital Printing to Create Business Signs

Flatbed digital printing is an extremely versatile method for printing directly onto a wide range of materials, and so is one of the most valuable sign manufacturing processes we employ.

At PB Visual Communications, we use flatbed digital printing to create a diverse range of signage for Adelaide businesses and organisations, as it enables us to print directly onto materials such as metal, wood, glass, leather, PVC, plastic film, tiles and more, creating highly effective signage in a wide array of styles.

Flatbed Digital Printing on Timber
Flatbed Digital Printing Benefits

How does a flatbed digital printing machine work?

As in conventional printers, with a flatbed digital printer the substrate (the material being printed on) passes through the machine under the print heads, enabling layers of ink to be applied.

However, a key difference is that a flatbed printer has an integrated UV lamp that cures the ink as soon at is printed onto the surface, so that it does not slip or run off non-absorbent surfaces. This is what enables us to print onto materials which may not be suited to conventional printing processes.

In addition, digital flatbed printing uses what is known as a subtractive printing process. This is where the process CMYK colours — cyan, magenta, yellow and black — are subtracted from a white base. This differs significantly from the process used in other forms of printing, where RGB colours (the primary colours red, green and blue) are added to black.

Flatbed printing also facilitates the use of spot colours in sign design, which are generated by non-standard offset inks and can be used to create fluorescent and metallic colours, or other effects.

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Digital Flatbed Printers Adelaide

What sort of signs can be created using flatbed digital printing?

As specialist sign designers and manufactures, at PB Visual Communications we create signs using a wide variety of media and materials, and our comprehensive flatbed printing services mean that we can produce signs and banners on:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Glass
  • Timber
  • Acrylic sign panels
  • Aluminium (ACM or ACP)
  • PVC and vinyl
  • Canvas and other fabrics
  • Flute board (also known as corflute, or fluted polypropylene)
  • Smart X (a lightweight, all-plastic sheet material)
  • Clear film
  • Wallpaper
  • and more.
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Benefits of the flatbed digital printing process

It is the use of UV light to instantly dry the ink that has been applied to the substrate that makes flatbed printing such a versatile and cost effective sign making process.

Importantly, it produces greater precision and clarity in the printing of sign letters, logos and images, regardless of the material or media that is being printed on. Colours are also more vivid and vibrant when printed on a flatbed printer.

Using flatbed digital printing also means that there are virtually no limits as to the sort of materials that can be used to create your signage. Our recent Adelaide sign design projects include signage printed on a variety of non-absorbent surfaces, including metal, glass, plastic and wood, as well as for vehicle graphics and car wraps.

Furthermore, using this method produces robust, durable signage that can be displayed in a any sort of location and conditions, and it also makes the entire process quicker and more efficient, meaning your completed signs can be installed and displayed sooner.

Flatbed Digital Printing Services on Timber
Adelaide Digital Flatbed Printing Services

Adelaide flatbed digital printing specialists

At PB Visual Communications, we provide cost effective flatbed printing services to create signage and other promotional collateral for use in a wide variety of applications. Our in-house sign designers can work with you to create a range of signs designed to have an impact no matter your organisation or business.

Contact PB Visual Communications on 1300 441 571, email us on, or complete the online enquiry form to find out more about our full range of custom printed signage created using flatbed digital printing technology.