How Outdoor Signage Helps Your Business Be Seen

How Outdoor Signage Helps Your Business Be Seen

Outdoor signage is crucial for all types of businesses in Adelaide, both large and small. Depending on the type of business and your physical location, outdoor signs can perform a range of valuable functions, from attracting customers, to promoting special offers, to reinforcing your brand identity.

At PB Visual Communications, we specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of all types of outdoor signage, and can take care of the entire process for you, from initial concept right through to seeing your new signage in place.

Our comprehensive project management service also means that we can also undertake site surveys and arrange for the appropriate permits and development/planning approvals from the relevant authorities for the installation of your signage.

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How is outdoor signage used?

Outdoor business signs are an important advertising and promotional solution for all types of retail, commercial and corporate premises. They are valuable for both small, individual businesses as well as larger, multi-site operations, and can be designed for installation at your business premises or offsite as part of a wider advertising campaign.

For larger businesses and organisations who already have established names, outdoor building signs are an effective way of reinforcing brand or corporate identity. When integrated as part of physical premises, they firmly locate the business in the community, and well-designed, innovative outdoor display signs can actually become a landmark in their own right.

When used as part of a wider promotional campaign in offsite locations, outdoor advertising signs can reach huge numbers of people and serve to substantially broaden the reach and exposure of your business.

For smaller, independent businesses, outdoor business signs can fulfil a very different function. If you run a café, a gym or a hairdressers, for instance, outdoor display signs can serve a more immediate and practical purpose, namely alerting passing road or foot traffic to your location, creating recognition and direct engagement with customers. 

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Adelaide Outdoor Signage Designers
Adelaide Outdoor Sign Designs

What types of outdoor signs are there?

Our experienced team designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of outdoor signs Adelaide businesses can display in a variety of different applications and locations.

Building signs

As our extensive building signage gallery shows, we undertaken a huge number of outdoor sign design projects for a wide range of businesses across Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Our experience means that we are skilled at designing and manufacturing outdoor display signs in all types of media and materials, and so whatever your needs, we can work with you to produce highly effective building signs. 

Our recent work includes building frontage signs, shopfront fascias and awning signs, using a variety of fabrication techniques and materials.

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Freestanding signs

Freestanding signs are extremely versatile and serve a variety of different purposes. Pylon and blade signs, for instance, are ideal in busy urban environments where they need to catch attention or mark out the location of your premises, while garden bed signs are an effective way of using all of the space that you have available. 

We design and manufacture freestanding signage in a range of styles, including illuminated signs, 3D lettering signage and LED signs, and utilise a variety of materials to create the ideal effect for the location and purpose.

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3D signs

3D signs come in a variety of forms and can be manufactured using a variety of different materials and methods to create distinctive, eye-catching and highly effective outdoor signage.

We can create 3D lettering in materials such as acrylic, stainless steel or timber and many more, while push through lettering creates the appearance of lettering or images bursting through the background of the sign to create a 3D effect.

As can be seen from our gallery, outdoor 3D signs can be bold and eye catching, subtle and sophisticated, or used to create unique, more abstract concepts that mean your signage has real impact. 

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Adelaide Outdoor 3D Building Signs

Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs continue to be one of the most popular forms of sign design Adelaide businesses use for promotion and advertising. For instance, recent design trends have seen neon signs make a comeback in a big way, while the use of advanced technology in sign design means that illuminated LED signage has become significantly more cost effective in all types of applications.

Illuminated 3D signs are especially effective both at helping your outdoor signage to stand out in a crowded advertising environment, and enable your signs to be visible at all times of the day and night.

Our specialist team designs, manufactures and installs outdoor LED signs and other types of 3D illuminated signage suitable for a range of purposes and locations, and the flexibility they offer means that illuminated signs can be used as part of almost any kind of design concept.

We also have extensive experience in creating outdoor lightbox signs that can be displayed on building exteriors, as part of a pylon or blade sign, or under awnings in retail precincts. Outdoor light box signs also have the advantage of being able to display combination of words and images, and can incorporate 3D lettering as part of the design as well.

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Printed graphics

We use printed graphics in a variety of different ways in the design and production of outdoor signs. Our technology and expertise means that we can print onto almost any material in virtually any format, there is no limit to the outdoor signage concepts we can create.

From A frame signs, to pull up banners, to corflute signs and much more, we can create printed outdoor signs for any purpose or location, including display home signs, trade show and conference promotions, real estate signs and construction site signage.

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Why you should choose PB Visual Communications for your outdoor signage

With more than thirty years’ experience of signage design and installation in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, we are specialists in creating all types of outdoor signs. We offer a comprehensive service that covers everything from design concepts to project management and onsite installation, and as our work is all carried out by our in-house team, you can be sure you are getting value for money and high quality professional service.

Contact PB Visual Communications on 1300 441 571, email us on, or complete the online enquiry form to find out more about all forms of outdoor signs, including building signs, freestanding signs, 3D signs, illuminated signs and printed graphics.