Liven Up Any Space With Printed Wall Graphics

Liven Up Any Space With Printed Wall Graphics

Custom printed wall graphics are a wonderfully effective way of utilising both interior and exterior spaces to showcase your business or organisation. You can refresh the look of your office with bright and colourful wall decals, enliven an otherwise dull exterior space with a creative wall mural, or make your windows come to life with a range of printed graphics.

Custom Printed Graphics Adelaide
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Custom printed wall graphics design

At PB Visual Communications, we specialise in the design, printing and installation of all types of printed wall graphics and window graphics.

Our specialist sign design team can create entire concepts from scratch, or work with you to bring your initial ideas to life. We then use the latest printer technology to create stunning displays designed to fit any size area and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Custom printed wall graphics and wallpaper are highly versatile and there are no limits to the design options to you. Whether it’s window signage, a wall mural or wallpaper graphics, our sign designers can ensure that your available space is used imaginatively, and that messages and brand are expertly communicated.

Our printed graphics are also the ideal media for banners which can fixed to portable fences or hoardings on building sites, car yards, sporting events, or entertainment venues.

Adelaide Custom Printed Wall Decals
Adelaide Printed Wall Graphics
Adelaide Custom Wall Graphics
Custom Printed Wall Graphics Adelaide

Wallpaper printing services

Our wallpaper printing services can enliven your office reception, waiting rooms, conference and meeting rooms, or any space where you are looking to create a look and feel that extends beyond the merely functional.

Custom wallpaper is also a great way to brand your venue, create a theme or bring a corporate event to life

We can create printed wallpaper, wall murals or window graphics to your specific designs, incorporating images, your brand logo and colours on both conventional or textured wallpaper.

Wall vinyl design and printing

We also specialise in wall vinyl printing, where your designs are printed onto self-adhesive vinyl film, which can also include protective lamination, and is able to be fixed by our expert team of installers onto just about any type of surface.

If you want to have some variety in your displays, or only want temporary signage, we also design and install digitally printed removable wall fabric where you can remove or change your wall decal without causing any damage to the underlying substrate.

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Floor and pavement graphics design

As well as walls and windows, we also design and print floor graphics that can be used in almost any type of location and for a variety of purposes. Our custom printed floor graphics can be used for promotions, wayfinding, public safety messages and much more, and are durable enough to be displayed both indoors and out.

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Adelaide Custom Printed Pavement Graphics
Digital wall graphics printing

As specialist Adelaide sign designers and printers, we use the latest digital printing technology that enables us to create custom printed wall graphics and wallpaper on a range of materials and media to fit the dimensions of your space.

Because our wallpaper printing services are all completed in-house, there are no limits to the number to the number of colours or images we can incorporate into your signage design, and can customise the print finish so that it best suits your needs.

We will also take care of the final installation of your window graphics or wall vinyl, streamlining the process and ensuring that your wall graphics are put in place precisely to your specifications and without delay, making this one of the most cost-effective forms of signage.

Adelaide custom printed wall murals and wall decals

PB Visual Communications is a specialist sign designer with offices in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. We design, print and install all types of wall graphics, so talk to our team to find out more about the range of signage solutions we offer. Call us now on 1300 441 571, email us on, or complete the online enquiry form to find out more about:
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  • Printed window graphics
  • Translucent window graphics
  • Window etching
  • Custom printed wall graphics
  • Exterior walls
  • Wall decals
  • Wall murals
  • Custom wallpaper printing
  • Floor graphics
  • Pavement graphics
  • Building wraps
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