It’s a Wrap – Why Vehicle Graphics are Such an Effective Form of Signage

It’s a Wrap – Why Vehicle Graphics are Such an Effective Form of Signage

Vehicle wraps are a highly poplar way of turning your car, van, ute or bus into a promotional tool that advertise your business whenever you are out and about or on the road. At PB Visual Communications, we specialise in designing, printing and installing all types of vehicle signage, including partial car wraps and full vehicle wraps, for a variety of Adelaide businesses.

Whether it’s a single van or a fleet of trucks, we can design vehicle wraps that incorporate your logo, brand colours and images in an eye catching, innovative way.

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What are car wraps?

A car wrap (sometimes referred to as wrap advertising) is when a vehicle is partially or completely covered in brand colours, livery or images so that it creates a mobile billboard. The design is digitally printed onto adhesive vinyl, which can then be ‘wrapped’ around either a part of your vehicle or the entire body.

This process means that car wraps can be designed and applied more precisely than other forms of vehicle graphics, and that they remain vibrant and don’t fade when exposed to sunlight or extreme weather conditions. In most cases, a vehicle wrap will also have no lasting impact on your car’s paint or bodywork, and can be removed and/or updated at a later date if required,

You can also choose the extent to which your car is wrapped;
– a partial wrap, where only a portion of the body is covered, often just displaying a logo or contact details
– a half wrap, where the rear portion of the vehicle (including the back window) is covered
– a full wrap, where the whole car is encapsulated

If the vehicle windows are wrapped, tiny perforations in the vinyl will mean that your visibility is not diminished in any way.

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Why are vehicle graphics so effective?

Vehicle graphics are a form of mobile business sign that means your name is prominently displayed whenever your car, bus or truck is travelling on the road, parked up at your premises or on a job.

Car wraps in Adelaide are also a very versatile form of signage that can be personalised to meet your specific needs by showcasing your logo, contact details, website, plus much more. Whatever your key messages, however you want to showcase your business, van wraps are the ideal solution for ensuring your name is seen by as many people as possible.

How we design car wraps

Our team of Adelaide sign designers specialises in creating car wraps and vehicle signage, and we can work from your exisiting branding or help you to create a new and distinctive look designed specifically for your display on your company vehicles. This is a highly specialised sign design field, but our experience means that we can design eye catching signage and graphics for any sort of vehicle.

PB Visual Communications uses state-of-the-art technology to print and laminate our vehicle wraps, and we also undertake every aspect of the installation as well. This means that your vinyl graphics will be expertly applied without wrinkles or creases so that they are always easy to see and read, while also ensuring that your vehicle is off the road for as short a time as possible.

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Find out more about our range of Adelaide vehicle wraps

PB Visual Communications has offices in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, so no matter where you are located in Australia, we can help you to promote your business with high quality vehicle wraps for your business cars, vans, buses, truck and utes.

To find out more, call us on 1300 441 571, email us on or complete the online enquiry form.

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