Why signage is crucial to a business rebranding

Why signage is crucial to a business rebranding

At PB Visual Communication, we help all types of businesses and organisations undertake rebranding to help them refresh and revitalise their name and image. No matter what sort of industry or sector you operate in, a clear identity that reflects your values and voice is crucial.

We have undertaken a number of Adelaide rebranding projects recently, helping two very different sorts of businesses to showcase their brand and create an image that promotes them and what they do to the wider world.

Rebranding for BioCina Adelaide

BioCina develops and manufactures biological therapeutics for customers around the world, and its facility at Thebarton is the only one of its kind in Australia that is also approved by the US FDA. Its logo and brand colours are designed to represent both the science of biologics drug development and highlights and the company’s respect for the environment. There were a variety of different elements to our signage rebranding work for BioCina.

Adelaide Outdoor Building Sign Rebranding

We created new 3D building signage on the fascia of their Thebarton premises featuring the company’s logo and branding. This has helped to establish it as a landmark in the community and  is an excellent example of how we can design and manufacture outdoor display signs in all types of media and materials and using a variety of fabrication techniques.

Adelaide Office and Reception Signage Rebranding

This office and reception signage was created through a mix of materials and media. We incorporated an echo of the logo into the background, while the structure of the signage exemplifies the high tech nature of the company’s scientific work. The use of different angles for the intersecting coloured panels mean the logo and brand name stand out against the background.

Backlit Light Box Sign Rebranding Adelaide

This backlit illuminated signage takes a simpler approach inverts the colours used elsewhere, so that the logo and lettering is in green against a white background. Lightbox signs produce crisp, brightly lit images that are ideal for a range of uses, and give you flexibility in your signage design as to how you incorporate your branding. 

Smiley Mocktail Bar Adelaide rebranding and signage

PB Visual Communication undertook the shop sign design and branding for Smiley Mocktail Bar, which recently opened its new premises in the Adelaide CBD. Located in Hindmarsh Square and open late 7 days a week, Smiley Mocktail Bar creates authentic Lebanese-inspired mocktails made from blends of mango, avocado, banana, kiwifruit, pineapple, strawberry and more. 

We undertook all of the shop signage and rebranding, including both the interior point of sale signs and exterior building signage. The store has a bright and colourful identity that reflects its commitment to fresh foods and ingredients, and has meant that it has become an instantly recognisable part of the busy Hindmarsh Square retail and dining precinct.

Adelaide Point of Sale Shop Signs and Menu Boards

We designed and installed a range of point of sale signs that enhance the store’s identity and image. This includes counter signs and menu signboards, with the logo and brand colours to the fore throughout.

Shop Sign and Window Graphics Sign Rebranding Adelaide

The exterior signage takes a variety of different forms so that we were able to make optimum use of all the available space.

We created bright and colourful window signage using printed graphics that showcases a range of different menu items. In addition, we took advantage of the space provided by the pillars to help the store catch the attention of pedestrians and draw for traffic.

Another standout feature is the flex neon sign displayed in the window that we created in order to provide another eye-catching feature that attracts passers by.

Adelaide Neon Signs and 3D Light Box Signs Rebranding
Adelaide Under Awning Illuminated Shop Signs Rebranding

A key part of the branding signage is the two under awning light box signs. The one immediately outside the store incorporates the brand colours, logo and URL, while the second, located around the corner on Pulteney Street also features a directional arrow designed to lead pedestrians to the store.

We are Adelaide Sign Design and Rebranding Specialists

Successful sign design and rebranding requires a variety of elements if it is to be effective in communicating your brand values, attracting potential customers, or enabling you to stand out in a crowded retail or dining district.

Get in touch with PB Visual Communication at our Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney offices and speak to our team about the sort of shop sign design or rebranding signage you need. 

Email us, or call 1300 441 571 and we will be happy to talk you through the wide range of business signs, point of sale signs, reception signs and outdoor signage design options we can provide.