Why Illuminated LED Signs Make Such Eye-Catching Signage

Why Illuminated LED Signs Make Such Eye-Catching Signage

LED illuminated signs are one of the most imaginative and eye-catching forms of signage, and are highly effective for display both indoors and outdoors in all types of environments and locations. We are specialists in designing 3D LED backlit signs, LED light box signs and other types of illuminated signage for businesses and organisations in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

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What are LED signs?

LED stands for light-emitting diode, with signs being made from thousands of LED bulbs that are configured so that they display text, images, video and more.

An LED is a semi-conductor of electricity that emits bright light, and LED illuminated signs use a combination of red, green and blue LED bulbs (known as dual inline package or DIP bulbs), or bulbs that contain all three of these colours (surface mount diodes, or SMD bulbs). DIP bulbs can be combined to create any type of colour (including white light), with SMD bulbs tending to be used in LED light signs where high resolution images are required.

The bulbs used in a 3D LED sign, whether they are DIP or SMD, do not have a filament like conventional bulbs, and as such are more energy efficient and have a longer life span. This means lower costs and longer operating life for your signage, as well as minimal maintenance.

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What makes LED signs so effective?

The versatility of illuminated LED signs is why they are so popular and such as effective form of signage. Virtually anything can be displayed on a LED backlit sign, including words and images, logos, videos and more, all in high resolution. This means that LED illuminated signs can be seen clearly in any sort of setting, even in a crowded urban environment, and there are almost limitless options when it comes to design and animation.

Another advantage of LED light signs is that cloud software can be used to remotely upload content or change the features that are being displayed. This means you have flexibility as to your signage displays, and it is straightforward to make instant changes to what is being shown from a PC or laptop using wireless technology. In this way, you can be sure that your signage is always up to date and reflects your changing business and promotional needs.

In addition, low operating costs and long display life make LED shop signs or light box signs a cost-effective solution for all types of business and organisation. They also require minimal maintenance and are sufficiently robust to be situated in almost any sort of location or environment

How are LED signs designed?

PB Visual Communications has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and installation of LED signs in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. The design of LED backlit signs is a specialised field, and for signage to be effective and visually engaging, a number of factors need to be taken into account.

For instance, important elements like pixels and pitch need to be factored in when designing illuminated LED signs. A pixel is the term used for a group of three DIP bulbs (red, blue and green) or a single SMD bulb, while pitch refers to the distance between the centre of two adjacent pixels. The lower the pitch, the high the clarity of the display.

Similarly, the matrix also needs to be determined. This is how wide and high (in pixels) a sign will be. Having the correct height to width ratio is essential for your sign to display clearly, regardless of whether it consists of text, images or video.

It is important when deciding on the pixel pitch and matrix of a LED illuminated sign that the design takes into account where the signage is to be displayed and the proximity of viewers, e.g., if a sign is only seen from a considerable distance, the resolution may not need to be as high as on a sign which people see close up. Our experience and expertise ensures the best possible clarity and visibility of your sign, as well as making sure that you are getting the most cost-effective design solution in terms of price, power usage, etc., according to your needs and budget.

In addition, when designing a LED box sign or a sign featuring LED backlit letters, our design team will take account a range of other factors, such as the effect of sunlight on the sign’s visibility, the traffic flow passing by roadside signs, and access for ongoing servicing and maintenance. We will also take care of any engineering requirements and council planning permission that are needed before a sign can be installed.

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Where can LED signs be displayed?

LED illuminated signs can be displayed in a wide range of locations, both indoors and outdoors. The brightness of the LED bulbs makes them especially effective for display on roadside hoardings and in busy urban environments, as they can always be seen clearly and from a distance. The flexible design capacity means a LED light sign can display text only, a combination of text and images, or more complex video and slide show displays.

LED sign design in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney

We are specialists in designing, manufacturing and installing illuminated LED signs, and can take you through the entire process, from refining concepts and ideas, to fabricating your sign, to getting your signage approved and put in place.

Get in touch with us at our Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney offices and speak to our team about what sort of LED signage will work best for you. You can email us at enquiries@pbvisual.com.au or call 1300 441 571 and we will be happy to talk you through the full range of sign solutions we can provide.