Frosted Glass Signs Are a Stylish Way of Branding

Frosted Glass Signs Are a Stylish Way of Branding

Frosted glass is a unique form of signage as it can be used to create stylish and elegant signs both indoors and out, while also offering a range of practical benefits as well.

Ideal for offices, reception areas, retail premises and more, frosted glass is highly versatile, practical and durable. Frosted window films can be applied to any sort of glass surface and come in a range of textures, and so are highly customisable. 

PB Visual Communication’s team of expert Adelaide sign designers can work with you to create a wide range of frosted window glass and etched glass signs, incorporating a variety of imagery, such as your logo or more abstract designs.

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Frosted Glass Logo Signage

Glass etching creates sophisticated signage

If you are looking for a more subtle way of showcasing your brand, etched glass signs are highly effective. Your logo, company name or other elements of your branding can be reproduced in an artful way, and help to create a unified style throughout your premises. 

Frosted glass creates privacy 

Not only does etched glass produce stylish signage, but it can also be used to help create private spaces that nevertheless retain a degree of accessibility. If you have reception areas, offices or meetings rooms where you want natural light but also need enhanced levels of privacy, then opaque frosted window film is the ideal solution.

Using bands of frosting is also a highly effective way of increasing privacy while also not making rooms or indoor spaces feel overly dark or enclosed. 

Window frosting images

A further benefit of creating window frosting signs is that they can incorporate full colour graphics, resulting in a colourful look on doors, internal walls, reception areas and windows.

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Adelaide Etched Frosted Glass Signage
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Traditional etched glass look using modern technology

It used to be the case that etched glass was relatively expensive, but modern technology has made it much more affordable. 

Etched glass window films and frosted glass films can recreate the same sort of opaque effects as more traditional acid etched glass at a fraction of the cost. It also means that it’s a significantly quicker process, and can be used to create signage in a wide range of styles and designs. 

A further advantage is that window films are applied directly to your existing glass, meaning there is no need to replace the glass in your windows or doors.

Practical benefits of frosted glass window films

An additional benefit you receive from frosted window films is that along with enhanced privacy they also reduce sun glare and cut out harmful UV rays.

This is especially beneficial for people working on screens, as anti-glare films mean you can see your laptop or computer clearly without having to squint, or suffer any eye strain

Cutting down on glare can also protect furniture, upholstery and carpets from fading caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. 

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Adelaide Frosted Glass Window Signage

Adelaide frosted glass sign design specialists

Window film is such a versatile medium that signs can be created is virtually any style or colour. Our specialist Adelaide sign design team will work with you to bring your designs to life, and can help create frosted glass suitable for board rooms, glass partitions, doors, bathrooms and toilet windows.

We can also take care of every aspect of the manufacture and installation, whether it’s for interior or exterior glass signage.

Contact PB Visual Communications on 1300 441 571, email us on, or complete the online enquiry form to find out more about our full range of etched glass and frosted glass window signs.