We have a creative signage solution for any budget

We have a creative signage solution for any budget

When  looking for a creative signage solution and your budget is limited,  look no further.

At PB Visual Communications we are willing to work with our clients to come up with creative and innovative signage solutions.

Our customer’s brief was to transform their busy Adelaide supermarket’s existing coffee counter from a white solid surface to a more ‘organic’ customer friendly point of purchase.

Creating a new flexible physical environment in an existing retail space can be a challenge on a limited budget, and we were able to create a low cost solution for our customer.    This involved using  various lengths and thicknesses of timber battens that were fixed directly to the existing counter,  we then added another dimension by producing the suppliers 3D  logo which subtly reinforced the coffee brand .   The result is a rustic, organic new look for the coffee counter.

Even small changes to an existing retail area can have an enormous impact on increased sales and customer appreciation and it does not have to break the bank!

If your budget is limited PB Visual Communications can create a cost effective creative signage solution, guaranteed to attract new customers and provide a renewed interest from your existing clients.  We have a specialised consultant team ready to assist with any signage enquiries.

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