Check out our latest signage installation

Check out our latest signage installation

Our latest signage installation from PB Visual Communications is sure to impress!

We were recently given the opportunity to manufacture and install signage for the new Cellarbrations store at Castle Plaza, Edwardstown.

While working to a tight schedule we were able to work closely with other trades and centre management to achieve a stand out installation.

The 3D signage elements are particularly impressive.   The Cellarbrations individual letters were custom made to 32mm thickness and internally illuminated by LED lighting.  This ensured the best result for even illumination and the correct amount of  brightness suited for indoor signage.

The yellow ‘bubbles’ on the shop front timber panelling were laser cut from solid acrylic and 2 pack painted .  They were then recessed into the wall providing a subtle but effective raised element.

The off wall mall sign was fabricated from metal and powder coated satin black, with laser cut solid acrylic elements.  The sign is also large enough allowing the customer to easily identify the store.

PB Visual Communications has a signage solution for you.

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