Why is your brand and signage so important?

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Why is your brand and signage so important?

What do we mean when we talk about brands, and what value does having a clear identity bring to a business or organisation?

In essence, your brand is what comes into people’s minds when they think about you and your business. It is the means by which you communicate your values. It reflects your personality, and presents an identity and voice to the world.

There are many aspects to creating a brand, from the way you relate to your clients and the experience you often them, to your signage design and the images associated with your brand, as well as how and where people see them.

In today’s multi-media advertising space, while there are limitless opportunities for showcasing your brand, it also means that it’s a very crowded market. As a consequence, visibility through outdoor signs have never been more important, while the use of electronic signage and LED signs have never been more crucial to getting your brand seen and recognised.

How do you use signage to convey your brand values?

Distinctive, well-designed and creative signs are very often the first point of contact between you and your customers — as well as those who you would like to become your customers in the future.

Regardless of the industry or sector in which you operate, distinctive outdoor signs have the ability to convey in an instant not only who you are, but also what your brand represents. Imaginative and eye-catching Illuminated business signs on your shopfront or business premises, for example, have the power to say a great deal about you in a limited space and time. Using the right combination of words, images and colour can encapsulate what you do and express the values that you stand for.

Signage also shows that you are part of the community. When we see illuminated building signs in a town, city or a rural environment, for instance, we understand that that business or organisation is a part of that community, and that it belongs there. You become associated in people’s minds with that locale, and so commercial building signs are one of the most effective ways of establishing a presence in an area.

Therefore, while advertising and promotion are of course a crucial function of signage, when you take into consideration its other functions, you realise that sign design is ultimately about much more than just that.

What are the best business sign design options?

Given the important role that business signs and your signage play in communication, then it makes sense to consider the different types of signs that you can use as means of letting people know who you are.

To this end, outdoor signs and building signage are highly versatile and effective ways of showcasing your location and letting people know what you’re about, and have the added advantage of coming in a wide variety of forms.

3D signage is especially effective because it is so versatile and can be crafted in a range of ways to meet your needs, both indoors and out. 3D signs can be illuminated or used in a light box, and are created from a range of materials, meaning they can be used to achieve almost any sort of look or finish you are aiming for.

Likewise, there are endless possibilities when it comes to illuminated signage. They are an eye-catching choice for the exterior of shops or retail premises, for instance, make imaginative wall sign designs, or can be a great way of welcoming people when they arrive at your reception area or foyer.

Another effective option is freestanding signage, which can also be used in a whole variety of ways. Pylon signs, for instance, can be used to convey a range of information when located outside shared offices and premises, or at the entrance to a car park. Freestanding signs can also be used for visitor attraction directories or information hubs, to showcase a menu, or to promote a show or display home.

Speak to a signage design specialist

Effective sign design that says everything that you need it to say is a specialised field, requiring significant experience and expertise, as well as the technical know-how to deliver business signs or electronic signage to your precise specifications.

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