What Event Signs Do I Need?

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What Event Signs Do I Need?

A major event merits major attention! Making a visual impact is crucial.

Creativity enables guests to utilise all of the senses. Creativity is not just a one dimensional design on paper, it requires the clever use of visual and physical elements to stimulate the senses – real life interaction.

Every kind of event requires design, props, signs and print. Signs can be used to promote your brand. A well-designed exhibit will draw attention to a product that you are featuring at a conference. Sponsoring an important event also requires some signs to give it maximum exposure to as many people as possible.

The right signs can make a big difference to the look, promotion and management of an event. Read on to learn more about choosing the right type of event signage to meet your needs.

Themed Events

Having specialised in themed events for over a decade, we’ve worked with clients who have needed the perfect combination of initial design graphics to electronic screens, custom 3D models and props, printed posters, menus and invitations, banners and table settings. All have been individually designed and created to meet different budgets and specifications, with the goal to bring the event or brand to life in a powerful three dimensional experience.

Designs and Signs for Every Event Need

The kind of designs and signs you need will depend on what sort of event is going on. Take into consideration what your goals are for the particular event or display. Most likely, you will need more than one type. Visual and physical elements are intended to capture attention. The attention you want differs depending on the ultimate goal.

For example, some signs will be instrumental in making your product stand out. Other signs are meant to direct traffic flow and enhance the logistics of a busy event. Simply having clearly-marked signs for various facilities at an event location can improve the experience for those attending.

A Variety of Event Signs to Choose From

We covered some of the needs for themed events. What other elements and signage will help make your event a success? Consider some of the following products.


With so many applications, banners are essential to virtually any function. These come in a variety of sub-types of their own:

– Pull up banner stands

– Roll up banners (great for exhibitions)

– Freestanding banners

– Stage banners

Banners also can be sized to extend from the roof to the floor for the biggest impression.

VIP Backdrops

VIPs and event attendees love posing for photos in front of event backdrops as they enter prestigious events (think Hollywood premieres!). It is easy and cost effective to have the same high quality VIP backdrops at your event. 

Event/Exhibition Displays

These highly adaptable signs are ideal for conferences, shopping centres, and trade shows.

Entry Signage

Minor signage is often easily overlooked. This little detail can really make it easier for attendees to navigate an event.

Other options to consider:

Branded Fencing

Table Displays

Light and Economical Corflute Designs

Don’t forget that the quality of your signs can influence your brand or event in a good or bad way. It’s important to work closely with your signage company and a graphic designer on this matter.

PB Visual has over 20 years of visual communications, design and signage experience, specialising in themed and corporate events. Check out our work with the Master Builders Association’s major event.

Engaging us at the planning stage of your event will enable us to understand your requirements, helping take the stress away and focus on an exceptional experience for your guests and colleagues.

Find out more about how the right signs will help you make an impact with your next major event. Contact us here or with a free call on 1300 441 571 to get inspiration!

– Paul Montesi, General Manager, PB Visual Communications