What Makes an Effective Business Logo?

What Makes an Effective Business Logo?

If you are considering re-designing your business logo and branding, or creating a logo for a new enterprise in Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney, there are more things to consider than you might at first think. The design concept and style you opt for will be the means through which you communicate with the wider world, exemplifying what you do and what you stand for, while at the same time also needing to be memorable and aesthetically pleasing in its own right.

Logo and signage design trends tend to fall into several broad categories, and the direction you take with your branding will be influenced by a range of factors. These will include the business or sector you are in, the places you intend your branding and signage to be seen, the demographic you are hoping to appeal to, and the image you want to present to the world.

We have observed a number of logo designs trends emerging in 2020, and highlighting some of these might prove to be an inspiration for anyone looking for a new logo design, or a branding and signage makeover.

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Custom Fonts and Typography

In a crowded market where there are literally millions of logos out there, it can be difficult to find a font or a typography style that helps your signage and branding to stand out from the crowd. This is why if you’re designing a new logo or redesigning your signage, creating your own unique typography could be a path to follow.

Our team of designers can work with you to create a one-off font or typeface that is customised to the specific requirements of your logo. In so doing, we will work together to create typography that is representative of your brand and values, and that can help you to stand out from competitors in your industry.

Having unique typography as part of your logo will mean that your signage — whether it’s a 3D light box, an illuminated sign or a backlit logo sign — will have an impact and mark out your brand as being an innovator, creating a unique look and style that no-one else in your industry is using.

Even if you don’t go as far as creating your own unique typography, you can nevertheless experiment with letter sizes and positions that utilise exisiting fonts in an imaginative and daring way. Alternatively, you can use distressing, inverting and mirroring effects with an existing font, all of which can give a standard font an imaginative or unusual look.

Hand-Drawn Images and Logos

Following on from unique typography is the growing use of hand drawn images in business logos and signage. This can be very eye-catching by virtue of being unexpected, and a more home grown look can work extremely well for some brands.

At the same time, logos that are not confined within a regular shape, e.g., circle, square, rectangle, etc., are also growing in popularity. This adds to a unique, home-made branding look that works well for some businesses.

However, this sort of simple, rustic look is, paradoxically, not easy to achieve. If you want a more rough-hewn look to your signage, you should ideally consult with a professional sign designer to ensure that you don’t end up with a logo that is too cluttered, or where the message gets lost. Our team of sign designers are experienced in creating unique logos and branding and so can help you achieve the hand-drawn or homemade look you are searching for.

Minimalist Logos

Minimalism is a popular logo design style that can be especially effective when realised as a 3D illuminated sign or as a backlit sign. A clean, minimal logo also looks good when reproduced in a digital environment, i.e., on your website or social media pages.

The keys to an effective minimalist logo are clean, thin lines and clear, well-spaced typography. This can produce a sophisticated, elegant look that works equally well in monochrome or brighter, contemporary colour schemes. Thin lines are also very versatile and work well both for logos without a frame, or those framed within a regular shape.

A minimal logo can also be highly effective for vehicle graphics, when your branding might only be visible to a passing motorist or viewer for a brief moment, and so needs to be taken in quickly.

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Monogram Logos

Some of the biggest, most recognisable brands in the world use monogram logos (think Louis Vuitton or Yves St Laurent, for instance), and so this is a style that has always been in fashion — and one which looks set to continue.

There are any number of monogram logo variations that you can choose, incorporating either an elegant, classic font or a more contemporary form of typography. Many modern monograms consist only of a single letter, rather than the traditional form of multiple, intertwined letters.

A well designed monogram logo can also be very versatile, in that it can be reproduced and looks equally good in either colour or monochrome. Increasingly popular are monogram logos that also incorporate simple icons along with letters, often in a circular frame divided into quadrants.

If you need some advice as to whether a monogram logo is the right choice for your business signs, talk to our design team about what will work best for you.

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Symbol Logos

Some of the world’s most instantly recognisable logos contain no words or letters at all, with a simple, central image doing all the work (Apple and Mercedes Benz are two of the best-known examples of this type of logo).

Designing a symbol logo may at first glance seem a relatively simple task, but it is far more difficult to create successful branding in this way than many business owners think. This is largely because a symbol logo design has to convey so much while using relatively straightforward means, which can in fact be a demanding and complex task.

It can be tempting, for instance, to choose a literal representation of your business or organisation (e.g., a spanner for a car repair shop, or coffee cup for a café), but ideally a symbol logo needs to operate on another level. The best symbol logo design, for instance, will say as much about who you are and your values as it does about what you do, and this means it needs a good deal of thought as to you what you intend your logo to communicate.

Versatility is also an important part of designing an effective symbol logo. For instance, it should ideally be able to be reproduced in a variety of colours, and also look good when displayed on a range of media, e.g., on your website, on a vinyl banner, or as an illuminated logo sign. It also needs to be remembered that while simplicity is required, your logo will still have a lot to say.

Of course, many Adelaide businesses and organisations combine a symbol with lettering (and perhaps a tag line as well) as the most effective way of creating eye-catching branding and signage.

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Designing an appropriate logo is crucial to any organisation, and so it needs to be done right. There is a lot to consider beyond the visible elements, and the most effective signage and branding will have been extensively planned and researched, often through a process of trial and error. However, many business owners don’t have the time, experience or know-how to achieve this.

PB Visual Communications in Adelaide specialises in designing all types of signs and logos. Not only can our team of experienced designers help you to create a new logo and branding, but we can also take it to the next level by designing and installing signage that incorporates your new look, including 3D backlit logo signs, company logo light boxes, and office logo signs.

Get in touch with us at our Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney offices and speak to our team about creating a new logo or rebranding your business. Email us or call 1300 441 571 and we will be happy to talk you through the process of creating an exciting new logo that will showcase your business to the world.