Snappy Signage for Croc’s Playcentre

Snappy Signage for Croc’s Playcentre

We turned a concrete warehouse into a fun and vibrant branded building that commands attention on one of Adelaide’s busiest roads.  

The brief for the Croc’s Playcentre in Kilburn, South Australia, was to brand the tilt up concrete walls with a cost-effective, long life solution.

Instead of using multiple signage panels, which would’ve added installation costs and unsightly joins in the panels, we opted for simpler vinyl banners, fitted to the walls.

To add longevity to the digital print (considering the predominantly red colour) we coated all the banners with a clear, ultraviolet resistant gloss coating. This coating will more than triple the life of the print, preventing it from fading.

We also created various window and internal directional signs.

Overall, the client was impressed with the warehouse signage project which offered affordable yet brilliant branding.

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