Signage Sam: How Can My Shop Stand Out From My Competitor?

Signage Sam, answering questions about signs and designs

Signage Sam: How Can My Shop Stand Out From My Competitor?

Joe, from Victoria, asks Signage Sam how to make his shopfront stand out when competitors and neighbouring buildings have similar branding.

Dear Sam,

I have a problem!

I’ve just spent a lot of money on a new logo design and had my website, stationery and business cards produced. I am about to order new signage and graphics for my shopfront, which is on a main road with high vehicle traffic.

The problem is, the shop next to me has recently had their own building refreshed with new signage and painting, and it is the same colours as my new branding! I am afraid my new signage will get lost and become a waste of money. What can I do?

– Joe, Victoria

Dear Joe,

Don’t despair! We just need to get a little creative. Do not try and compete with your neighbour as this will just add clutter and won’t do either of you any favours.

You say the neighbouring building has just been painted which means the newly painted surfaces will mostly be flat and one dimensional. So you should look at creative signage, such as using 3D letters with internal illumination on a fabricated structure. Also consider the ‘less is more’ theory by having minimal signage but have the signage done well –  signage that creates interest and clearly distinguishes you from the shop next door.

You must do something different! I’d also suggest painting your building a different colour to your logo, acting as a subtle background and making your new logo the ‘hero’ while keeping the integrity of your new branding.

Your customers will be looking for your name and/or what you sell. If your new sign is  designed and manufactured creatively with dimension, illumination and with a clear message your new logo will be the first thing your customers will see even if the shop next door bigger and all painted up.

Good luck.


Signage Sam, answering questions about signs and designs

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