Are Neon Signs Right for Your Business?

Adelaide Neon Signs

Are Neon Signs Right for Your Business?

PB Visual’s Paul Montesi discusses neon signs and what they can do for your company.

You’ve likely seen countless, classic neon signs throughout your lifetime. Neon is artistic, bespoke and fun. If you’re considering neon for your business branding, here’s what you need to know.

What is a Neon Sign?

A neon sign is made of a circuit of glass tubing filled with an inert gas. The gas sealed within the tubing glows when an electrical current is applied. This glow gives off different colours. The glass tubing can be shaped to create a picture or message and there are many colour options to choose from.

How Neon Signs Are Made

First of all, the design you create is transferred to a fire-resistant material. This outline is the guide for the artisan who builds the sign.

Following the guide, the artisan heats a length of glass tubing (often lead glass) with a propane flame. When the glass is softened in one area, it’s carefully bent or cut to follow the pattern on the sheet. Next, air is blasted into the hot glass tube to keep it from getting pinched.

The glass is carefully sealed off around an electrode after being filled with a gas such as:

    • Neon
    • Helium
    • Argon
    • Mercury
  • Carbon dioxide

Each gas emits a unique colour when its atoms interact with an electrical current. Despite this, they are all classified as “neon” lights.

How do you get a wider range of colours?

The glass tubing can be coated with a fluorescent powder which layers with the colour of the gas. So for example, the blue light of argon gas inside a yellow-coated tube would result in a brilliant green light.

Neon lights are often mounted against a black backdrop to make them even more visible.

Finally, the light is set up with a neon transformer to convert a normal current into the high voltage needed to generate the bright neon light.

Why You Should Consider a Neon Sign

neon signs look great adelaide

Our work for Fnuky

A neon sign offers a classic eye-catching touch. Neon is famous for grabbing the attention of customers in high-traffic areas at night. A neon sign could be just the bold edge you need to stand out from other competition in your area.

Just think about how many times you’ve discussed directions with someone:

“At the big neon sign, turn right.” “The restaurant we’re talking about has that bright neon sign out front.” And so on.

A neon sign could help turn your business location into a focal point in town.

You also have plenty of freedom to create a truly unique and beautiful design with neon. A neon sign could add something really special to your custom brand.

Neon signs are ideal for these type of businesses:

    • Bars
    • Restaurants
    • Entertainment venues
  • Retailers and other shops

Neon is fun, bold, and appealing – which may be exactly the words you want associated with your company. If you’re looking to sell a great time, then neon can help you do just that.

Working A Neon Sign into Your Brand

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Our work for Harris Scarfes

A neon sign may not be appropriate for all businesses and brands. It’s important that you work closely with your sign designer and discuss all ideas openly.

Take time to consider:

Will neon suit the image that you wish to portray to the community and your prospective customers or clients?

Is your current logo or branding a good match for neon?

Your designer will give you the best advice on developing unique designs that suit a neon style.

The Best in Sign Design

neon signs adelaide

This sign is decades old but still looks great.

Neon is a unique and brilliant type of signage with the ability to make your brand stand out from the pack. 

But before you jump on board, you need to consider several design factors and strategies.

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