Common Signage Problems and How to Deal with Them

Common Signage Problems and How to Deal with Them

PB Visual gives you some suggestions for overcoming some common signage problems that detract from your business.

What good is a business if no one knows about it?

Effective signage is your key to getting your business front-and-centre in the public eye.

You may know how important signage is. Perhaps you’ve struggled a long time with getting your signage just right. Is there a particular issue that keeps on coming up? How should you handle signage problems?

We’ve got some solutions for you!

In this post, we’re going to consider 4 very common signage problems that plague nearly all Australian businesses, large and small alike.

Problem #1: Complying with Local Regulations

Why this happens: 

Signage regulations are managed by the local councils in Australia. Although the rules vary by region, the process is often quite complex. If it’s handled incorrectly, your signage project can take a lot longer than expected, or even stop completely.

Depending on the scope of your project, you may have the opportunity to appeal unfavourable decisions, but this will rely on specific circumstances.

What you can do:

A good signage company will save you a lot of stress and trouble by taking charge of the regulatory issues. The company you choose should have a thorough understanding of the rules, how the council works and maybe even the best contacts. This will ensure fast and efficient approvals. 

Problem #2: Poor Visibility

Why this happens:

You might have the best sign in the world but if no one can see it, what’s the point? Signage is sometimes obscured by large trees or neighbouring buildings.

Clutter and poor colour choices also inhibit visibility. This includes competing signs and graphics in close proximity to your site.

What you can do:

Consider the positioning. This is key. Think about who you want to see the sign. Will your target audience be found among the passing road traffic? In parked vehicles? Walking down the footpath? 

 Put yourself in their shoes. Quite literally. Try to stand exactly where your intended viewers are likely to be. Consider from their vantage point what the potential obstructions are. Take into consideration how other factors such as lighting, glare, reflection and colours affect visibility.

Still not sure how to make the most visually-appealing signage selection?

Take advice from your sign company. They’ll walk you through all the details you need to know.

Problem #3: Wear and Tear

Why this happens:

A worn-out sign does damage to your brand. Local climate and the cleaning products used on your sign can make it fade, rust, peel or crack. The older the sign is, the more likely it is to deteriorate.

When people see a damaged sign, they’ll conclude that you either don’t care very much about your business, or you’re going out of business! They may even assume that the condition of the sign reflects the quality of the service or product your offer.

What you can do:

– Think long-term when selecting and designing your signage 

– Use products that have long-lasting weather protection

– Ask your signage company for help in selecting products that will keep your brand vibrant

Problem #4: Straying Off-Brand

Why it happens:

Most business owners feel the need to re-brand at some point in the life of their company. If not done consistently and thoroughly, you could end up with a confusing array of different logos and signs. 

What you can do:

Keep your brand fresh and up-to-date. Make sure the brand is consistent across all company marketing. Signs are an important part of your brand. If you update your company’s logos, colours and so forth, make sure that you signage reflects the changes.

An expert signage company will guarantee that you get consistent, bold and unified results across all of your advertising media.

At PB Visual, we proudly service signage needs all across Australia. Let us help you out with your next signage project! If you just have a question about your company brand or any other common signage problems, we’ll happily provide you with expert advice.

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