Distinct and High Quality Canvas Awning Signs

Distinct and High Quality Canvas Awning Signs

One of our latest projects included supplying and installing new canvas awning signs at Fellini Café in North Adelaide.

We faced the challenge of perfectly representing the business’ graphics on canvas. 

Doing so usually presents problems: how could we ensure that the colour depth is consistent and that the graphics have sharp edges with no bleeding?

We tackled this in a couple of ways:

– Using only the best quality canvas available; UV stabilised, guaranteed for 15 years from colour fading, outstanding water, dirt, oil and fungal repellency (making cleaning simple)

– Utilising our heat transfer process to place the graphics; Coffee supplier Vittoria’s logo is gold and our colour match was spot on!

The result?

Another successful instalment. We proudly contributed to the profile of yet another well known establishment located on one of the busiest thoroughfares in Adelaide.

If you’d like to give your business a fresh appeal, then think about how quality awning signs could make a difference. We offer our sign services across Australia.

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